I come every Saturday, sooner or later someone asks, “How much?”

“Free,” I say. They're stunned, they react as if I'm trying to steal from them. That's capitalism for you. Nothing can be free. The idea makes them sick, they want to call the police, leave messages for their accountants. They feel unworthy, convinced they've sinned. They have to rush off and buy something just to get their breath back...

All information will be disseminated throughout the cosmos with or without book publishers' consent. The publishers, the authors, and so many other authoritarian vectors of congealment are but a bump in the road.

To partake in informational enclosure, to congeal information in the printed form, subject to economic transaction, is to privatize knowledge: a futile attempt.

And if these actions cause any publishers, 'anarchist', or otherwise, to shut down operations, then so much the better.

In solidarity,
Jaqatharina Blau